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Submitted on
June 1, 2008


Shopping through used book stores many years back, I stumbled across the book Werewolf and Other Poems by David Hall - signed and everything. =)  So I parted company with $3.95 and took it home. I enjoy the title poem quite a bit - have for years now - so I thought I'd share.

As for poor David Hall...I don't know that he ever published another book of work, but I hope the best for him, as I do for us all.


I'm never closer to myself
than on the morning after
having ravaged a neighborhood

old Hairshirt
lathered beneath a neat
knit suit
waking to the sour cotton taste
of destruction on my tongue.

What did I say?
Today the lady down the street
sniffs by me
on her side of the walk.

I dare to pass for human.

I'm never further from myself
than on the awful morning after

blood stale on my teeth.

Under the influence
who was devoured?

But now at high noon
that same witched moon
still bangs at my wrist
beneath a dull watchtick
of incalculable efficiency.

O lady down the street
I stalk myself:
you're free.

This carcass on my breath
is only me.
  • Listening to: Bang Tango, Quiet Riot, and more...
  • Reading: the lost voices growing quiet all around me
  • Watching: the arm of a clock climbing toward tomorrow
  • Playing: dice with my universe
  • Eating: whatever I'm lucky enough to find
  • Drinking: the drinks I drink when drinking
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between this world of shadows
thoughts hurl and voices scream
tortured souls.....suffering

demons arise playing games with darkness
.......and the demised.....

i drink the exlicer of life..
..that at one time was lifes river...
now i drown myself..
...with the bittersweet taste..
these venomous scents are like an opiate..

how i savour this...

consumed by this drink of life..
.......but death..

unveiling wilted soul
.....drenched upon this bloody stain..

i crave...
b1gfan Jun 16, 2008  Student Writer
yummy....a piece in response to David Hall?
i used to write some pieces or dark-asylum.. i don't have a camera or photoshop at the time i wrote gruesome bits..i have since lost them but found a few tidbits..thought you might enjoy them..:chainsaw:

:zombie: :stab:
b1gfan Jun 17, 2008  Student Writer
I shall pop by and have a peek....gruesome is not so much my thing but I'll try.=D
nothing really :puke:...just things like picking out brains ..slurping up bodily fluids..etc..:hungry:

but i do not think it is there anymore..from last year..and i was writing with devilman13..but since he got divorced his thoughts have been elsewhere...i am visitor 139..not that i fixed my room..i was going to be the childcare supervisor ..for the 'children.:evillaugh:
HaikuKitty Jun 2, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
"This carcass on my breath is only me"! That is a great line!!!!! *Borrows it for witty dialouge in social situations*....
b1gfan Jun 2, 2008  Student Writer
That is what poetry is best for right...being witty in social settings =)
HaikuKitty Jun 3, 2008  Hobbyist Writer
:giggle: You amuse me so.... :giggle:
b1gfan Jun 3, 2008  Student Writer
It's my pleasure...=)...and my curse Xp
doyoufeelthesame Jun 2, 2008
oooooooooooooh i like it
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